Composing from the Quote: Anne Frank

I enjoy looking through quotes from Anne Frank. Anne's diary and quotes inspire me to journal more and to tell a story. Throughout the past, I've been using her quotes and journal about it in my own speech. When I read Anne Frank's quotes, including when she mentioned about her diary, it reminds me of… Continue reading Composing from the Quote: Anne Frank


Composing from the Quote 

In the past couple of years I've been writing about the quotation marks that I pick. I like to put them in my own words. I wrote every word, detail, parts, and the significance of it. I wrote precisely about anything related to that quote. Here are a few writings that I composed: "Journal for… Continue reading Composing from the Quote 

My Kind of Therapy 

I apply the tools as coping skills. They're my own kind of therapy. I learned about most of them in the past. It really do help me with the aftermath of mixed feelings, stress, and anxiousness. Here are the tools which I utilize as my own therapy: 1. Art    I don't have to be… Continue reading My Kind of Therapy 

Favorite Characters Who Writes in a Diary, Journal, and Carried a Notebook 

1. Ginger Foutley (As Told by Ginger)    Ginger is my favorite character on the show. She narrates by the use of her diary. She mostly wrote in her diary at home and sometimes in places like for an example: In the episode "Stealing First" Ginger wrote in her diary on the way back home… Continue reading Favorite Characters Who Writes in a Diary, Journal, and Carried a Notebook 

Creative Writing Exercise

This is a writing exercise for a blog called: Write to Post. I wrote a story based on the picture. Here's the link from Write to Post: This is the story that I wrote: Alia enjoys the outdoors at her family's home. While walking, she discovers something. The sky was changing into a different… Continue reading Creative Writing Exercise

Self-Soothing Kit

I use a self-soothing kit for a while. It really helps me a lot. There's so many different things to have. I even carried them with me when on the go. There's other names that a self-soothing kit is called like coping box, happy box, and a comfort box. There are five types of self-soothing… Continue reading Self-Soothing Kit