Creative Writing Exercise

This is a writing exercise for a blog called: Write to Post. I wrote a story based on the picture.
Here’s the link from Write to Post:
This is the story that I wrote:

Alia enjoys the outdoors at her family’s home. While walking, she discovers something. The sky was changing into a different color. Alia then saw a shining bright light. As her walk towards the light, the light was getting bigger.

“What is it?” She thought. Then she discovers something coming out of that light. It was her grandmother Ruth.

“I’d thought you were dead Nana.” Said Alia.

“I am.” Said Ruth. ” I’m the angel of heaven.”

Ruth passed away three years ago. Alia misses her dearly.

“Nana, why are you here?” Said Alia.

“I’d wanted to see you for the last time.” Said Ruth. “You didn’t have a chance. I can’t stay long.”

“Why you can’t stay long ?” Said Alia.

“Angels have to move forward, but I still gonna watch over you.” Said Ruth.

The two of them started to talk about the good memories. Ruth even tells one of Alia’s favorite stories.

Ruth’s spirits signals her that it was time to go.

“I’m gonna miss you.” Said Alia.

“Me too.” Said Ruth. “Make sure you’re a good young lady, okay.”

“I will Nana.” Said Alia.

Alia hugged Ruth one last time.

“I love you Alia.” Said Ruth.

“I love you too Nana.” Said Alia.

“Bye Alia.” Said Ruth as she walked back to the light.

“Bye Nana.” Said Alia as she watches her grandmother walked away and the light was getting smaller. The light was gone and the sky turns back to normal. Alia started to walk back home.

“I love you Nana.” She said as she looked up at the clouds.


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