Self-Soothing Kit

I use a self-soothing kit for a while. It really helps me a lot. There’s so many different things to have. I even carried them with me when on the go. There’s other names that a self-soothing kit is called like coping box, happy box, and a comfort box. There are five types of self-soothing technique: taste, smell, sight, touch, and smell. 

Here’s my self-soothe kit on the go: 

I use this pouch because it fits in my purse.

The mints are pretty good to use for taste. Tea’s are really soothing to me. They’re really good for both taste and smell. 

Lotion especially the fragrance is good for both smell and touch.

These books are perfect to use for sight. I carried a small journal with me, as well as a few crayons and colored pencils.

I use both the yarn doll and worry dolls for both touch and sight.

Even though they don’t really go in my self-soothe kit some of the relaxing apps and playlist are a great source for sound, even when I had headphones on. I use my iPod touch (which in good use and I had it for six years) is for music. I’d sometimes take my iPad with me and use the apps as part of my self-soothing techniques. 

Here’s which I called my comfort box I use at home:

I’d enjoy coloring. It’s very therapeutic. I sometimes use the crossword puzzle.


These stuffed animals and yarn dolls are a great way to squeeze and hold. 
The bodycology body cream is good for touch and smell. These books really helped and inspired me. 


I sometimes use a portable CD player. I’d mostly used my iPod touch, especially while coloring. 
I mostly used my iPad on a daily basis.

All of them do helped me out. I really enjoyed it a lot. 


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