Composing from the Quote 

In the past couple of years I’ve been writing about the quotation marks that I pick. I like to put them in my own words. I wrote every word, detail, parts, and the significance of it. I wrote precisely about anything related to that quote. Here are a few writings that I composed:

“Journal for healing, journal for forgiving, journal for releasing. Journal for creativity, journal for fun. Journal for knowledge, journal for insight, journal for awakening …  … and so begin” – Quote for the book “Write it all down: Journal of Consciousness” 

You’ve used the touch sensation of writing in a journal. Healing puts journaling into a soul of medicine. Forgiving gives journaling to something that you can’t think about it any longer. Releasing through journaling takes your mind aside. Creativity puts journaling into a whole new stage. Fun brings out journaling. Knowledge puts journaling into thinking. Insight takes out journaling. Awakening ends everything.

“My dreams move me forward in my life” – Unknown

Aspirations can be filled with surprises. Dreams makes a motion forward every single day. It sometimes brings peace and delight. It assigns every single feeling in and out. A dream can feel like a narrative. 

“I open my mind to the truth of existences” – Unknown

Spread out my mind to everything. The true statement of existence is one of them. My frame of mind is much more positive now. The truth of existence has its genuine meaning. My idea is a piece of life. 

“I admire people who choose to shine even after all the storms they have been through” – Unknown

When a person admires someone with an intensity of the shine and whatever they accept been through brings a different personality to them. What they accept been through is like a storm moving through. A storm that has the ability to grumble. There’s a positive side through their lives that it could be equal together. There’s a different ending upon them. 


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