My Kind of Therapy 

I apply the tools as coping skills. They’re my own kind of therapy. I learned about most of them in the past. It really do help me with the aftermath of mixed feelings, stress, and anxiousness. Here are the tools which I utilize as my own therapy:

1. Art

I don’t have to be an artist to practice art. There are thus many types of things to do for art. The first single is a doodle. The second single (which I learned a few months ago) is to write out a word and do some designs or color around the letters. Here’s an example below:
The final one is coloring. I’ve got some coloring books for adults a few months ago. It’s so very relaxing! I can even color all day.

2. Writing/Journaling

Writing especially journaling is my favorite thing to serve. It makes me feel more like a writer. I’d write just about anything, including thoughts and touch sensations.

3. Reading

I’d love to read more. When I understand each and every word and scenes I can picture it in my head by the use of an imagination. 

4. Yoga/Meditation 

Yoga and meditation relax my body and brain. They both sort of the same, but unlike. Yoga is an utilization for your body and mind while meditation is only in your mind.

5. Music

Listening to music is good for the heart! I’d just sit and savor the music with my headphones on. Meditation and relaxing music relaxes your body and creative thinker.


Quotations are an inspiration to me. I’ve even journal about it. Quotes are like a “soul of spirit”.

7. Pets

Sometimes my dog is my consolation. Pets are really good like being in therapy. 


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