My Favorite Disney Princesses 

   In most of my life I'd enjoy seeing Disney Princesses in movies, books, music, and on TV. I truly admire them all. I too wish that I'd wanted to be like a Disney Princess. I set down ten of my favorite Disney Princesses. Here are ten of them: 1. Mulan     Mulan is my… Continue reading My Favorite Disney Princesses 


Positive Thinking 

   Positive thinking  Opens up to its potential sale. It's  Incredible and  Truth of strong and hefty. Inside a  Victory of  Encourage and  Taking  Hope  Inside a world of a different  Notice. Keeping thoughts on the  Inside, and  Nice for something to  Grow on.    Positive is a point  Of thoughts. Setting it aside beyond… Continue reading Positive Thinking 

Lost At Sea

Lost in an  Open sea.  Seeing nothing but  The sky  And water.  Taking a position through a blank  Stage.  Enter at  A rising moment. Lost beyond power  Out of a  Simple minded sea.  Taking a fight of  A paddle  Through state. The  Sea  Exit to  A Loveable view. Landing to an  Open state.  Setting for… Continue reading Lost At Sea

Wish Upon A Star

When you wish upon a star  In your true mind, you  See a shooting champion. You wish from the  Honest heart of soul. Looking  Upwards in the dark sky filled with stars you're at  Peace. You'd  Open up what you want to care for. You care for  Nice things  As a shooting star shoots across… Continue reading Wish Upon A Star

Favorite YouTubers: Journal

   When I watch journals, especially "journal flip through" on YouTube it inspires me to journal more frequently. It's decidedly more than just and inspiration. It really can help me out on what to journal about and other things. When I see journal supplies such as washi tape, gummed labels, color pens, and other things… Continue reading Favorite YouTubers: Journal