Books on Autism

I lay down eleven books on autism. Most of them are memoirs. Some are an inspiration. All of them are awesome to read. Here’s the eleven books I’ve found fault:

1. All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa by Kim Stagliano


When I first found out about Kim Stagliano was on Twitter and a website called Age of Autism. She has three daughters with autism. This volume is about Kim and her husband, raising their three daughters.

2. Asperger’s and Girls by Tony Attwood, Temple Grandin, plus seven more experts


This book was very helpful. It’s tips and stories for females with Asperger syndrome, particularly with different forms of autism. It makes me feel like it’s about time they’ll put a book about females with autism.

3. Interview with Autism, by Lydia Wayman


This book reads as a memoir. It’s about a young woman diagnosed with autism. She’s now an advocate for autism.

4. Carly’s Voice by Arthur Fleishmann, with his daughter Carly


This book is almost a non-verbal girl living with autism. She discovers her voice by communication with a laptop. She utilizes it for interviews and with family and friends.

5. The Way I See It by Temple Grandin



This book gets down with real matters of autism that individuals, parents, teachers, and experts had to face every day. It’s a helpful tip on autism.

6. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum


In this book, there’s 101 stories related to the autism spectrum. Its comfort and encouragable.

7. Not My Boy! By Rodney Peete


This book is about a dad’s journey, bringing up his son with autism. He’s now living with his son’s autism.

8. I Am in Here by Elizabeth M. Bonker


This book is about a thirteen yr old young lady with autism. She doesn’t speak, but writes poetry.

9. Since We’re Friends by Celeste Shally


This record is a picture book about autism. It’s a great hangout for kids and parents.

10. Through Kayli’s Eyes by Sharon Passmore-Holliman


This record is about autism and abuse in schools. A mother’s battle to protect the educational rights of her autistic daughter.

11. Rex by Cathleen Lewis


This inspirational tale of a young boy who’s blind and autistic. He’s a musical savant.


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