Characters With Autism

I put down ten characters from films and tv shows living with autism. These characters lived a normal life like everybody else. They each unique about themselves. They challenged their lives in a more beneficial way. These are the qualities that I’d picked:

1. Molly McKay “Molly”


Molly is a 28-year-old adult female living with autism. Her brother Buck takes custody of her after the institution closes due to budget cuts. Molly has experimental surgery that can make her be in a normal path. She learns lots of things, even Buck takes her to social effects. A few months after her surgery Molly’s brain begins to reject the transplanted cells and she begins to regress into her formal state. Buck accepts Molly’s autism and created a room from his domicile as the same way like the institution.

2. Raymond “Ray” Badditt “Rain Man”


Ray is in his early forties and has autism. He draws together with his brother Charlie. Charlie calls Ray “Rain Man” because he couldn’t say his name right as a youngster. Ray delivers a unique schedule like going to bed at 11pm sharp and eating dinner later than 4pm.

3. Steven and Philip Morgan “Miracle Run”


Steven and Philip are twins living with autism. They endured with their single mother. They raised up with lots of struggles. In high school Steven joins the cross country team and Philip was into guitar. Their mother found the Miracle Run Foundation for research autism. After winning the cross country team Steven makes a spoken communication at the Miracle Run Foundation. 

4. Mandy “Fly Away”


Mandy is a teen living with autism. She lives with her divorced mother who struggle to puzzle out from home and takes care of Mandy. Mandy often sees her father. She’s been causing an outburst mostly at school. A principal suggest Mandy’s mother to enter her in a special school that it can be eats you for her.

5. Nick Young “White Frog”


Nick has Asperger syndrome. He lost his brother in an accident. His parents had to take out all of his brother’s belongings at home. Nick set out to talk to his brother’s friends. He learns that his brother volunteer at a youth center. He then speaks out for his brother about him having Aspergers and his brother being gay.

6. Carl “Arthur”


Carl is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. His favorite color was blue. He likes apple juice in a box. He said he likes trains, too. He also plays baseball. He doesn’t like loud noise.

7. Jacob “Jake” Bohm “Touch”


Jake has autism. He was brought up by a widower father. He does not speak or let anyone touch him. He’s obsessed with numbers. 318 is his favorite number.

8. Connor DeLaurier “Degrassi: The Next Generation”


Connor is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. He’s highly intelligent and some social difficulties. He graduated in 2014 as valedictorian of his class.

9. Annie Wheaton “Rose Red”


Annie has autism spectrum disorder. This miniseries only has characters of Annie discovers a dollhouse and a mansion.

10. Lily Montgomery “All My Children”


Lily has autism. She later lives with her extended household. She attend college at M.I.T. 


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