A Feeling of an Emotional Spiritual World

Your life can be feel like an emotional world fill with things that’s like a weather, place, or affair.

You felt like a burning candle melting away all of your soul. You tried to build that strong point back up.


When you have tears in your optics, it’s like raindrops coming down.


When anger comes around, it’s like a storm passing through. A rumble of a storm makes you want to scream in force of wrath.


When you feel depressed, it’s like a flood is occurring. You’re drowning in fear. Getting hold of that depressed soul with you.


When an outburst comes to set out through it’s like a tornado is coming. That outburst of the tornado is tearing up all over.


When you feel totally better, it’s like the sun is coming out. Getting hold of that bright shine upon you and taking all that terrible emotions away.


 When you feel excited is like snowflakes just about to come down. The snow on the ground puts some excitement in you.

When you want a hug, it felt like you’re bearing upon the cloud. You’ve felt that cloud is like a pillow.



When you affect the grass it felt more like a tickle.



When you watch a flower you’d imagined that flower as a part of your heart.


Seeing a waterfall is like washing off your soul.


The beach can be a wonderful, relaxing time. Looking and hearing ocean waves is like a soothing feature.


When you see footprints you have a plan to look for loved ones.


A spirit and everything around you are like every single thing that can be good, bad, relaxing, and peaceful. They assign a spirited life of soul all the way to the end.


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