Journal Freely


Throughout my life I’ve use a journal. It’s the best way to allow your thoughts out and onto a piece of paper. Journaling can improve your writing. I read an article on journaling and it said that journaling can improve your health, as well as studying, exercise, and proper diet. I also discover that writing more can make you smarter and successful. If I do think what I going to write, then I obtain anything to write like quotes and looking in a book and write about it. I now journal more than ever. Here are things that I use for journaling:

1. Think about what you’re writing:

“Journaling comes from the mind” which I named it. It’s kind of the same way as writing out your thoughts. To me, I mostly journal my thoughts out when I’m in a bad mood or something’s coming up.

2. Meditation:

Meditation is exercise for the mind and spirit. It slows down and soothing your mind. To me and maybe everyone else, it’s a beneficial way to journal about it. I journal more or less my dream world during meditation. It’s like a vacation for your psyche.

3. Search for a different topic:

I loved to explore the Internet for journal entries. The most entries you can find journal entries is on Pinterest. Pinterest has all sorts of things on journaling.

4. Write about quotes:

In my journal I write down a quote I can find and journal about it in my own quarrel. When I look at quotes it’s more than an aspiration. It can make me feel better or so myself.

5. Find images, art, and clips from magazines and write around it:

When I look at an image it feels more than merely a picture. I even write about it every now and then. I can even compose a short story about it. I sometimes cut away things from magazines like images and quotes so I can write about it.

6. Write a phrase out of a book:

I wish to write a phrase out from a book. I’d mostly write the phrase out like a quote. I can even write out the first half of the stage and finished the rest like putting together a short story.

7. Write a short narrative:

It’s beneficial to write a short story in my journal. I use things as an inspiration to write about like my dog, a letter, or a script. I sometimes wrote a little fan fiction, but I generally don’t mention names.

8. Doodle:

I doodle in my journal if I can’t think of anything to write about or just for play. I’d sometimes write about it.

9. Add things:

I construct a collage on a single page in my journal. I use wrappers, clips from newspapers and magazines.  I also add on stickers, Washi tape, and cut out mandalas to decorate pages so that I can put some creativity in my journal.

10. Keep loose things:

I use an envelope and get them on a page in my journal. I sometimes use paper clips. I hold things like tea, notes, brochures, and sticky notes. I sometimes glue or tape it on a page in my journal.

11. Alternate:

When I can’t write I use a journal app on my iPhone and iPad called Secret Diary. I use it on the road when I travel.

12. Inspiration:

I look through YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram for journal inspirations. Search on YouTube for “Journal Flip Through” and you can see the videos for inspiration.


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