Worry Dolls


I use these worry dolls when I’m setting out in a bad mood. I speak to each of the worry dolls, name each of the feelings and why I’m in a bad mood, and place them under my pillow. All of my worries be gone the following day. I sometimes placed them on my nightstand. I’d even write them down in my journal.


Worry dolls are a tiny, handcrafted dolls that were constructed in Guatemala. There are fitted out in traditional Mayan costumes. They are stand from one-half to one inch tall. They were made by Guatemala artists who created these dolls out of wood. They also use yarn to make their faces and use scraps of woven fabric for the costumes.


These worry dolls are only sold online. I got a handful of them on Amazon for $10. Search “worry dolls” on Amazon and you can discover all of them. The prices are approximately between $5 and $30 (I looked at them a few months ago). I determined to buy more of them later on. There’s a book on worry dolls and I’ve might going to order them later.



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