Favorite YouTubers: Journal


When I watch journals, especially “journal flip through” on YouTube it inspires me to journal more frequently. It’s decidedly more than just and inspiration. It really can help me out on what to journal about and other things. When I see journal supplies such as washi tape, gummed labels, color pens, and other things it inspired me to do the same. These are also one of the reasons why I like to journal more frequently. Here are my favorite YouTubers who journals:

 1. TheJournalCEO

 2. Cassandra Mae

 3. Belinda Farryn

 4. Ethan Yuen

 5. The Nerd Journals

 6. Nita’s Niche

 7. The Diary Library

 8. journaltree 

 9. TulipTube 

 10. MelyyRose 

 11. Celeste Rodriguez

 12. readjournallove 

 13. Clara and Token

 14. Melody C.

 15. MoonFairy 

 16. Whitty Novels

 17. Journaling Quest

 18. Emily Jordan

 19. Ms. Cendolite 

 20. LuciieSpirit 

 21. That Dimple Harry

 22. TheJournalGurl 

 23. Alexandra Kovacsova 

 24. Paperworm 

 25. tianasjournal 

Here are the playlists on YouTube on journals:


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