Art of Writing 


The artistry of writing is like using artwork. Writing puts creativity into words. A sentence is like a horizon. When you appear at an artwork you look through writing. When you know about an artwork you have known that writing by understanding it.

A writing pen is like a paintbrush. When you pick up a pen is like picking up a paintbrush. You determine a place to write just like doing artwork. You determine that area so you can start. It’s like placing a place up to do artwork.

When you think about what you’re working to write about its like thinking about what you going to paint or draw about. When you begin to write it like starting an artwork. When you invest an effort into writing is like putting an effort on the art. When you have completed your writing is like finishing an artwork. When you record over your writing is like looking over your artwork.

You demonstrate your writing like showing your artwork for an art show. Give you feedback on your writing is like giving feedback on an artwork. You enjoyed it like an artist. Setting your writing into a strong thought is like the thoughts of an artwork. You bring your writing to the next level like putting an artwork to the next level.

A writer can be unique, creative, and full of pride. An artist is the exact same thing. They’re both has the same form. Writing can be like a form of artwork. It can definitely be the “Art of Writing”.


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