Composing from the Quote: Disney Princess

I'm setting down my favorite quotes from Disney Princesses and write them in my own words. "The greater your capacity to love. The greater your capacity to feel the pain." - Aurora  There's a path that your capacity feels the pain, physically and mentally. The pain of emotions can fulfilled sorrows to tears. With a… Continue reading Composing from the Quote: Disney Princess


The Joy of Reading

I'm enjoying a lot of reading. It's a way to forbid me from being bored. Reading does help me alter a lot. Reading books are a way to entertain with your judgement. It can contain you to places by the use of your mind. The intellect and thoughts are mainly the best role for reading… Continue reading The Joy of Reading

Rainy Days

Rainy days  Are a time to relax  Indoors. Notice a  Younger feeling of a peaceful  Day.  At the spot of a wet  Year,  Staying indoors could be fun. Rain delivers  A picture of wetness.  Inside you  Notice how delightful a rain can be.  You see there's no  Darkness.  At the point of rain  You  See… Continue reading Rainy Days

Why Do I Journal

I began to journal when I was a teenager. Journaling is the way to cope and record your thoughts away. Journaling is one of my favorite things to serve. It makes me feel more like a writer. I write every single thought out of my mind and onto paper. Writing in my journal is like… Continue reading Why Do I Journal

Letter to a Fictional Character: Recovery Road

[This is a letter that I penned for a fictional character. I composed it in my journal way back. This quality is a main character from a TV show "Recovery Road". It's based off a book.] Dear Maddie,          You're in the middle of your recuperation. You're doing great. You receive some… Continue reading Letter to a Fictional Character: Recovery Road

Mental Illness

I'm starting to write about mental illness. Mental illness is sometimes pretty scary. After being treated you'll feel better and live a normal lifespan. I've been suffering from depression and anxiety since I was in my teens. It's alright, I'm coping with it. I discover lots of stories and documentaries about mental illness. Most of… Continue reading Mental Illness