What’s good about springtime is that the weather is nice, leaves are starting to grow from trees, flowers are blooming, and butterflies are flying about. Spring has a lovely relaxing view. You can sit outside, walk around, and look upon many different areas. You can experience the changes through your surroundings.

Seeing at the trees you see the leaves coming out. You can too see other things like flowers that are out of a bush with a lovely spring colors. There’s birds sitting on the tree enjoying the lovely spring scene. The leaves on the tree is lovely. The flowers on a bush are pretty.

The blossoms on the ground are blooming all around. It seems like someone has planted a garden. The blossoms are just a picture perfect view. It’s more than just a view of nature. It’s colorful takes the position.

The creatures are enjoying spring. The birdies and squirrels enjoying the tree. The rabbits enjoying the flowers on the footing. A dog enjoys the nature. When animals enjoying springtime they’re relishing the same way as humans.

Butterflies are lovely in springtime. They fly round the trees and flowers. They rise up out of a cocoon. Comes in different patterns, shapes, and colors. It’s a picture perfect sight for the butterflies.

Spring has its magic. It takes shape into a scenic view. The beautiful characteristics of spring have its joy able touch. Spring has its peaceful soul. Lasted all the way to the conclusion of it. 


2 thoughts on “Springtime”

  1. I love your lyrical description of all the beautiful aspects of spring. I am blind so cannot see many of the changes, but I can still appreciate spring weather and the sounds of spring. Through your post however, I picture a beautiful springtime scene in my mind’s eye.


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