Creative Writing Exercise 2

On an evening Lyla was driving home from a music festival. The festival was once a year and she relishes it with a few of her friends. Lyla left the festival earlier and her friends remained. As she rode on the rural highway a deer was in the middle of the road. In a quick second Lyla slammed her brakes and her car slipped off the road and flip over into the river.

In a wink of an eye Lyla woke up on some logs. She looks at the couple of logs and it’s sort of like climbing the steps. She moved to the top of the log and walk all the way to the end of the river. She looks at her car being pulled and was cast on the tow truck. She also noticed police and emergency force. Lyla heard one of the police saying that a female is deceased and present the other policeman a ID. That ID was Lyla’s. Lyla started to scream at the emergency personnel, but they kept doing their jobs. Lyla then discovered that she’s dead. She’s a ghost now.

Lyla then walked and was imagining about the family and friends she has to leave behind. She conceived that they’re be sad that she’s gone. She notices a bright light. She walked through the light and that will convey her to a place where’s she’s at peace.


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