My Meditation World

Meditation is like being in my own little creation. It’s like being on a mini vacation. I conceive of it as a “vacation for your mind”. When I meditate, I get on either Podcast or YouTube on my iPad. I pick out either guided meditation or meditation music. It’s more beneficial to use headphones. I sit comfortably, taking deep breaths, relax, and savor.

In my meditation world, I’m beginning to feel like being in a peaceful land. Seeing beautiful features everywhere. Feeling like a picture perfect sight. I’d began to enjoy that place more and more. It’s like that I don’t desire to leave that place. I desire to stay there as long as I want to.

When I meditate on waterfall I imagine myself being in a tropical forest or paradise. I watch the waterfall. Colorful birds are flying and singing all around me. There’s pretty flowers close by. The sound of the waterfall is peaceful and adorable. My feet are touching the water. The water feels amazing. I wanted to allow my spirit flow all around.

When I meditate about the ocean I visualize myself standing or sitting down along the beach looking at the ocean waves. Finding out the lovely sounds of the ocean moving. Catching the sun sets, making everything around looking peaceful. I feel that joyful moment at the beach. Enjoying walking around the sand and facing at the soothing ocean waves.

When I listen and meditate about the spa music it make me dreamed about being in a resort hotel. Enjoying listening to the peaceful spa music. Enjoying looking at aromatherapy items. I felt that soothing massage like it can get hold of all of the pain away. The spa has been more exactly a relaxing feature. I simply want to stay there as long as I wanted.

There will be many more things to reflect on. Guided Meditation has me take after that person’s guide. That person guided me to a whole new world. Meditation is simply a relaxing moment. It’s a way to get some time for myself.


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