“He Named Me Malala” Review

I saw a documentary movie called “He Named Me Malala”. It’s about Malala’s fight to send females to school then they can get an education in her hometown. Also, more about her report, including her recovery when she was shot in the head at fourteen-years-old. Every school was destroyed in her hometown due to the fact that females wanted to go to school. It was a total heartbreak. Malala has acquired many awards and became as inspiration to the world. I’ve read her memoir and hear more about her story. She and her family is now surviving in England. Malala now has a beneficial education. There’s people in her hometown said that if she’s going back they’ll shoot her once more. It’s good that Malala has a safe home. Especially when she accepts to have surgery and recovered in a hospital in England. In the documentary it was established that she has a bookshelf full of books in her room. She mentioned that she possessed to do lots of homework, and it seems like she didn’t mind. The book, documentary, articles, and many appearances, shows how strong this new woman had overcome throughout her journey. Malala really had a brilliant future ahead.


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