Review of my Favorite Childhood TV Show: As Told by Ginger

I loved to watched “As Told by Ginger” when I was young. The show reflects on actual life. The characters had to change clothes. It’s like no other animated show, particularly when most of them have to stay in one outfit.

The show is generally about a teen character named Ginger Foutley in her point of view. She puts down her thoughts in her diary. Ginger has two best friends and lives with her single, divorced mother and her younger brother. Her father sees her sometimes and loves her deep.

The episodes has its ups and piles. The show is mainly for preteen and up on nickelodeon due to the episodes that’s related to actual life. There’s two episodes on deaths. One is when one of Ginger’s friends lost their grandma and another one is Ginger brother’s teacher.

There’s episodes that’s features emotions. Ace of the episodes is my favorite and that was when people thinks Ginger is depressed after she writes a poem for a contest. She tells everyone that it’s fictional. I enjoy the poem and scenes about it.

There was an episode that was sad and disgraceful. It was when Ginger’s boyfriend Darren dumps her. In the beginning of the series, he was holding out a headpiece, unpopular and was friends with Ginger. He had his headpiece removed and afterwards he and Ginger are dating. When they extended to high school Darren was in football and he became popular while Ginger was in student council. The break up was horrible. Ginger cries herself to sleep. Her mother, Lois finds her unresponsive. Lois’s boyfriend Dr. Dave calls for aid. Ginger was rushed to the hospital and have to have an emergency appendectomy. Her family, including her dad, Jonas and her friends were on her side. At the conclusion of that episode Ginger read an unfinished letter from her ex Darren and reads it. The episode was the saddest episode of all time.

One of the episodes won an Emmys for outstanding animated show.

The series ends when Lois married Dr. Dave and a final scene jumps forward when Ginger as an adult reading her published book in front of an audience. It looks like Ginger and Darren went back together, married, and had a baby girl.

I saw reruns of “As Told By Ginger” on YouTube and download a couple of episodes under Nicktoons rewinds and holiday specials on iTunes. I however enjoy watching it again and again, like other past shows and movies.


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