Letter to a Fictional Character: Recovery Road

[This is a letter that I penned for a fictional character. I composed it in my journal way back. This quality is a main character from a TV show “Recovery Road”. It’s based off a book.]

Dear Maddie,

         You’re in the middle of your recuperation. You’re doing great. You receive some support system. These people are your mom, counselor, and a group of people at sober living. You’re getting rid of your previous life, and start the beginning of your new life. The journal that they give you is the best way to compose your thoughts out. Going to every meeting is the best direction to stay sober, and to meet people who’s had the same pattern like you. Continue Strong, and wishing you well.

                    – Sincerely,



2 thoughts on “Letter to a Fictional Character: Recovery Road”

  1. I think it’s a good idea and therapy to write to your favorite fictional characters, especially when you have no one else to talk to or you can’t trust anyone to express your feelings to. I used to keep a journal and make up characters that I can talk to freely. Now, I want to write fictional short stories and young adult short stories. Thank you for your input. It’s a wonderful gesture.


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