Why Do I Journal

I began to journal when I was a teenager. Journaling is the way to cope and record your thoughts away. Journaling is one of my favorite things to serve. It makes me feel more like a writer. I write every single thought out of my mind and onto paper. Writing in my journal is like writing a letter or talking to someone. My journal is like a friend, who has to be on my side. It’s a privacy that is only for my eyes alone.

I journal my feelings away.

Whenever I start out in a bad mood, feeling upset, or anything I journal about it. It can relieve all the negative views out and onto paper. Subsequently it can make me feel better. Without journaling, the sentiments will be in my head or I’d sometimes do something else.

I journal like I mean it.

I journal at least two to three times daily. I journal in the mornings, evenings, and sometimes before bedtime. Sometimes in between my journal when I feel like it. This is what keeping me journaling more, even if I write up more than five pages in a daytime.

I place some character in my journal.

I add some things in my journal so I can realize it look amazing. When I look at the pages I was thinking over and concluded that I can’t wait to write on those pages. I cut out mandalas and artwork from coloring books and glue it along the side of the pages. I also used stickers and Washi tapes. I even attach some other things like wrappers, letters, cards, and other affairs. I’ve even created a collage.


I look through YouTube, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Blogs for inspiration. It established me want to journal more. It kept me grounded. I saved articles on journaling and read them in my free time. These are also the reason why I journal.


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