The Joy of Reading

I’m enjoying a lot of reading. It’s a way to forbid me from being bored. Reading does help me alter a lot. Reading books are a way to entertain with your judgement. It can contain you to places by the use of your mind. The intellect and thoughts are mainly the best role for reading books. I enjoy reading all types of books. I only take them if they’re interested in me. It’s like reading books are a portion of my life. There’s great deal of space, time, and knowledge to read, even if I had to schedule it.

The first time I was going into a mode of reading when I was close to being thirteen-years-old. On Christmas Day 2001 I got a few “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. I like to read it over and over again. I generally re-read my favorite stories and poems. I also got some books from Dollar Stores. I checked out books from the school library. I generally read books in class if I had nothing to do. At home I always read Chicken Soup for the Soul. I gotten Chicken Soup for the Soul books every Christmas. I enjoyed them all.

Just about the time I was being a young adult, ready to graduate high school, and had my first job I buy books from bookstores with my own money. It was all pretty good. I have to find a path to store those books. I likewise use them as decorations. I place them on my dresser or nightstand. After that I stored them in my closet.

In the summer of 2011 I was thinking about starting an e-reader. So I went to Best Buy and buy “Nook First Edition”. When I began to use it, I was getting into reading more books than paper books. I don’t accept to wait so long to buy a book. I even read free and sample books. I one time use my e-reader all day. I can even use it on the route. I just can’t stop using it.

On January 2012 I bought “Nook Color” for $199. I am happy that the price has dropped. I was coming into a preference of seeing a color screen e-reader. I can even read magazines and newsstands. I have to charge it every day. I charge it more than my first e-reader.

A year in a half later I bought “Nook HD”. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I love looking through catalogs. It as well had Google Play so I can download apps like FanFiction and Wattpad. I even read Google Play Books and Newsstands.

A year after using Nook HD I bought an iPad Mini. I used it way more that my laptop. I deleted apps on Nook HD and I download it on my iPad. About the time I bought an iPad I started to dislike charging my Nook HD so much. I discovered that using tablets before bedtime can keep you up at night. I turn the brightness low. I also can’t bear the glare while reading. I settled to buy “Nook Glowlight” for $99. It’s the last e-reader that I’m going to purchase. I’ll hold onto it as long as possible. I don’t have to worry about charging it then much. It can last for a few weeks.

Nowadays I still use paper books, particularly when it’s about self-help and journaling. I even use Audiobooks as well. Whether its paper, e-books, or audiobooks they help me read more and I really love it.


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