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My Top Seventeen Instagram Journalers 

These are seventeen Instagram Journalers that I like to see at their profile the most. There are some of my favorites so far.  1. Megan @tuliptube http://instagram.com/tuliptube 2. Cassandra Mae @cassandramaeisokay http://instagram.com/cassandramaeisokay 3. Erica @thenerdjournals  http://instagram.com/thenerdjournals 4. @layahsuniverse  http://instagram.com/layahsuniverse 5. Sarah @journalfrenzy  http://instagram.com/journalfrenzy 6. Amelia @hamiljournals  http://instagram.com/hamiljournals 7. Raegan Lee @journal_addict2  http://instagram.com/journal_addict2 8. @wildflowerjournals  http://instagram.com/wildflowerjournals… Continue reading My Top Seventeen Instagram Journalers 

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Beautiful & Strong 

[Inspires by scenes from one of my favorite books. I attain it into my own writing.] A beautiful, strong young woman experienced some ups and downs in the past. She knows that she wants to do something for herself. She desires to succeed in life. There’s a strong ability in her that makes her desires… Continue reading Beautiful & Strong 

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My Own Version of a Cinderella Story 

[This is my own version of the Cinderella tale. Cinderella is “Ella”. Her mother and stepsister are not vicious. The fairy godmother is actually “Ella’s” godmother and doesn’t have magic.] Young, Ella is beautiful and charming. She lives with her mother and her father. She enjoys her life and her charming family. One day her… Continue reading My Own Version of a Cinderella Story 

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Life of Each Flower

Each flower holds its unique personality. Every flower has its blossom touch. Apiece of the, are blooming everywhere. They’d sustain their own point of view. Their beauty takes over their pattern which they’re made into a lovable flower. A rose is red as a lipstick. There’s close to other colors like pink. A rose has… Continue reading Life of Each Flower