Letter to Fictional Characters: The Fault in our Stars 

[I once again will write a missive to a fictional character. This time it will be three parts. I’m proceeding to write three letters from the book and movie “The Fault in our Stars”. The three roles are: Hazel, Augustus, and Issac.]

Dear Hazel Grace,

         You’ve found your path out of that small hole. That little hole makes you more depressed due to your illness. You’re lucky that your doctor prefer you to go to a support group at a local church. You’ve made friends there, including when one of them became your true passion. He truly helped you out with things. You can finally do things outside your house. When you, Gus, and your mother went to Amsterdam to visit an author of a book that you been reading, you bear up to that douchebag author. When Gus passed away you gave a good lecture at his funeral. You read an email that Gus sent to the author in Amsterdam and you’re looking up at the stars thinking about him. He’s watching over you and said “Okay”. Be strong Hazel Grace.

                                                           – Yours Truly,


Dear Augustus,

         I’m sad to hear that your leg has been amputated. You use your prosthetic leg pretty good. You try your hardest as needed. You manage to help out Hazel a lot. You encourage her to execute things. You even brought her on to Amsterdam. You boost your friend Issac to seek revenge on his ex-girlfriend. You fought all the way to the end. Stay in peace Gus.

                                                      – Sincerely,


Dear Issac,

        You handle yourself pretty well when you lost your vision. I’m sad to hear about you being dumped by a girl. You’ve received an amazing support system. One of them is a boy named Gus. He lets you seek revenge throwing eggs on your ex-girlfriend’s car. She really deserves it. You missed your friend Gus. You’ve remembered the good times with him. Stay strong Issac.

                                  – Sincerely,



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