Living With It

[This is inspired by a series of books, films, and on TV. I put it in my own words. I performed this before like the last post “Ancestor of a Huntress”. This is associated to mental illness.]

A young woman found herself in deep pain. She feels like a bit of a failure. They believe that she’s hurting herself and everybody about her. She passed most of the time by herself. She’s always wanted to be a writer. She slept through her high school commencement exercise and felt embarrassed about it.

A therapist told her that she needed a respite. Not at home, but at a treatment center where they can help her. Instead of her parents taking her the therapist called a cab rather. It’s less painful and safe for her sadden mother who was tearing up. Afterwards the therapist put her in a cab the therapist explains to the cab driver not to stop anywhere but the treatment center. 

At the treatment center, she was greeted by a head nurse. The head nurse takes her to an office so she can sign some papers. After signing the papers the head nurse escorts her to the unit. The head nurse gives her a tour and shows her a room that she’s in. She’s had a roommate. Her roommate likes to read books. They both introduced each other. Her roommate will show her the dining room later while the head nurse had to execute some business.

In the main room where a group of young females is sitting watching TV or doing something else. They approached her and introduced themselves. Some of the females are in their rooms, including one with an eating disorder who has a room to herself. A few of them have a judgement of a child. They just normal people living with mental illness.

Throughout her stay she went in different groups, including music, artistic creation, recreation, nutrition, yoga, meditation, spiritual, process, and goals. She spent one on one time with a therapist and a shrink. One of the females said “Ther-Rapist” instead of therapist.

In the middle of her treatment she has family therapy. During family therapy, the therapist explains to her parents about her diagnosis. She desires to know about her diagnosis. She later talked to her therapist about her diagnosis. She mostly journal about it and also about the things she manages.

A youthful woman with an eating disorder who has a room to herself is discharged. Her father finds her a one bedroom apartment with an eat-in kitchen. She also adopted a cat. Some of the females believe that she shouldn’t be released yet. She later took her life. It was devastating to everyone in the unit.

Following a suicide death of a former patient, the young woman was deeply sorry. She determined to find her way out of journaling, art, coping with her diagnosis, and talking to both her psychiatrist and therapist. After a few sessions it was close to the end of her treatment. She’s getting discharged soon. Her parents found her an apartment and they fix it up for her. She holds a part-time job at her dad’s office. Her future goal is to be a writer. She desires to join a support group, take an art class because she likes to do art, and wanting to do yoga and meditation.

She’s discharged and has weekly sessions with her psychiatrist for at present. Later on it will be once a month. She has a phone number to her psychiatrist’s office if she needed to call. She’s now living a fuller life and coping with her diagnosis. She’s got a future ahead of her.


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