Life of a Fairy

In an amazing enchanted place when there’s lots of flowers and other things, including small forts made out of branches, leaves, and flowers there was a fairy. She’s more angelic and has her own singular personality. Her wings and magic is more colorful than ever. She desires to feel more different than any other fairies. She possesses a great sense of humor and has a good creative side. She can discover broken or loose items and make something out of it.

The fairy enjoys being on an adventure by herself. She explores many different areas. She flies around to homes and even in the city. She enjoys looking through the window, seeing things. Whether it’s humans doing things or if nobody, not household. She loves seeing kids playing indoors and outdoors. She would take flight around the city seeing humans walking to places. She evens smells things like the bakery, pizza, and other affairs. She would fly around farms seeing the animals and farmers doing work. Nobody didn’t see her.

The fairy even finds loose or broken items around places and take it with her. She would create it for her fort or gifts to her friends. She finds it very interesting. She also designs outfits and accessories for her and her friends. She’s more than just a free-spirited soul.

The fairy finished her hard-working day. She relaxed herself for the remainder of the day. She really enjoys it. She would either hang out with her friends or merely stay in her fort. At night the fairy climb into her bed and sleeps peacefully.


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