My Guide to Journaling 

Most of the time it’s difficult to write about in my journal. A few years back, I performed some research on journal entries and other things that’s related to journaling. I started to do a whole bunch, but it helps me to journal every single day. Journaling is now a piece of my life. It’s a way to cope and record my thoughts away. Here’s my guide to journaling:

1. Do some researching 

When I first research on journaling, I explore through Google. There’s actually journal entries from all sorts, including entries that kids in schools do for their journal assignment. There’s also ideas on journaling. 

2. Look through social media

Most of the journaling ideas are on social media. Most of them are on Pinterest and Blogs. On Pinterest I made a collection for journaling. I’ve also followed others that hold a journal collection. I bookmark bloggers who mostly blog on journaling. On YouTube there’s lots of videos on journaling.

3. Save articles

I’ve always been saving article because it helps me out on journaling. It’s a way to feel keen about using a journal.

4. Establish a list of entries 

I wrote a list of entries so that if I can’t think of anything to write about then I utilize it. I even put them into slips and put them inside a ziplock bag and write “Journal Entries Ideas”. 

5. Come up some time to journal

Throughout the day I choose some time to journal. When I first get up I began to journal, especially gratitude. A few hours later I journal again. I journal right before or after dinner. Before getting to bed, I journal and even do gratitude.

6. Write freely

I journal just about anything. I also doodle on the pages to spare some time. I decorate pages with stickers, washi tape, and other affairs. I can journal, whatever I want.


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