Handbags/What’s in my Bag

I enjoy having handbags. I merely like to get color handbags. Black handbags is not an opinion due to the fact that in the past, I experienced so many black handbags because black match with everything. Now using color handbags is definitely the new black. Colorful handbags shines amazing.

I mostly brought most of my handbags at Ross like these two handbags pictured above. The one along the left is from “Luv Betsey by Betsey Johnson. The cost is $29.99. The one on the right is from “Rosetti”. The cost is $16.99.

I loved looking at pictures, blogs, and videos on “What’s in my Bag/Purse”. Here is mine so far:

The first photograph above has my wallet, iPhone, chewing gum, keys, tissue, and a trash bag (which I use a ziploc bag).

The second photograph above are items from my self-soothing kit. I take it everywhere with me. More details under previous blogs: “My Self-Soothing Kits” and “Worry Dolls”.

The last photograph above is three pouches. I use pouches and then that my handbag will be neat and organized. The black and white pouch with red zipper has three lip balms, two lotions, and a hand sanitizer. The brown pouch has a notepad, a small notebook, and writing utensils. The red pouch has an Earbud and Life Saver Mints.

Sometimes I put my iPad and E-Reader inside my handbag if I needed. I sometimes don’t really put my self-soothe kit in some of my handbags due to sizing. Later on I’ll post more on handbags.

Thank you for reading this : )


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