A Recipe for Writing

Writing comes from many different facets of life. Writing builds more in many ways. Writing is more than simply freedom. There’s a formula for writing. It’s kind of like fixing to fix something and you’re reading the recipe. The recipe for writing is a way of pulling together the things that you need in order to write something.


– Writing Utensils

– Paper, Notebook, or Journal

– Brainstorming 

– Thinking

– A right sense of thoughts

– Strategy 

1. Pile up your writing utensils and something to write on (paper, notebook, or journal)

2. Do some creative brainstorming 

3. Build a strategy that works for you 

4. Get along some serious thinking

5. Set along a good sense of thoughts

6. Start writing just about anything

7. Place everything that you can think and brainstorm about puts it all together so you can write it all down.

8. Do just about finishing touches

9. You may hold to check over your writing. You may use apps that can fit over your writing like for an example: I have an app called “Ginger Page Writing App”. It’s available for $3.99 on iTunes. It checks grammar, errors, spelling, and even translate. It’s even cheaper than Grammarly. 

10. You may have to manage a final draft.

11. You may have to scan over your writing just in case.

There you have it. You’ve made out your writing. You’ve may want to do more writing or perhaps later. Enjoying your writing! : )


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