Summer is a time for a shining moment. A time when the sunshine is out most of the time. You have to stay away from the heat and manage to remain cool. You need to enjoy this time! Managing plans for a summer vacation of a summer program in places.

During the fourth dimension you’d enjoy yourself spending some time at the beach. You enjoy the sand walking around and making sand castles. You blend into the water either play, swim, or putting your feet in. When you see seashells you collect them and ingest it with you. You avoid getting sunburn by protecting your hide.

You luxuriate in some frozen treats. You sustain a brain freeze by drinking slushees. You felt the ice on snow cones. You even delivered a taste of ice cream. They all filled you into a frozen taste.

There’s dozens of other things that have to do with summer. You’d savor this season. Soaking the fun out of you. It’s like you’d never felt that moment before. It’s enjoyable


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