Life of Each Flower

Each flower holds its unique personality. Every flower has its blossom touch. Apiece of the, are blooming everywhere. They’d sustain their own point of view. Their beauty takes over their pattern which they’re made into a lovable flower.

A rose is red as a lipstick. There’s close to other colors like pink. A rose has its form of passion. A source for love, romance and relationship resources. A rose blooms for a song of passion. A song of the rose is like a dancer dancing around a heightened.

A lily has its lightest moment. A unique pattern makes this flower said “you loved me”. A lily feels like a light soul all around. A lily feels like a little princess twirling around looking all cutesy. A lily feels like a cute smile was coming on.

A daffodil is as yellow as it could be. A daffodil is as bright like the sunlight. A daffodil has a vivid personality. It’s bright yellow feature shines over. It’s more like feeling powerful.

A dahlia has its light purple tinge. Looks lovely like a nail polish and an eye shadow blended in together. A dahlia feels like there’s light purple make up entirely over. It’s personality takes its beauty into every makeover. It’s blends in with everything.

An orchid takes its purple touch to the next point. It’s personality took another girly moment to the next spot. An orchid has its soothing purple touch. It fills a garden with a purplish light. An orchid is from every side.

A hydrangea has its soft blue spot. It’s blue figure shines above. A hydreangea’s beauty takes a blue moment to the following level. A hydrangea color is like the sky or a bright blue ocean. A hydrangea will never be the same. 


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