My Own Version of a Cinderella Story 

[This is my own version of the Cinderella tale. Cinderella is “Ella”. Her mother and stepsister are not vicious. The fairy godmother is actually “Ella’s” godmother and doesn’t have magic.]

Young, Ella is beautiful and charming. She lives with her mother and her father. She enjoys her life and her charming family. One day her mother fell ill and later passed. Ella and her father mourn the lost of Ella’s mother. They’d moved on afterwards. They manage to retain the house like the mother always wants to keep it that way. 

The years went on Ella’s father met a widow named Rose. Rose has two twin daughters named Anastasia and Drizella. The twins are younger than Ella. When they met Ella they loved her personality and her smile. 

A few years later Ella’s father married Rose and Rose, Anastasia, and Drizella moved in with Ella and her father. The household is the same as always. Ella’s father leaves to proceed out of town for business. Ella was sad that she didn’t attend her father all the time. Ella takes her mind off by being around her stepsisters, stepmother, and her godmother Violet. Violet own a clothing shop and design dresses. 

In a tragic moment Ella’s father died. Everyone mourns the lost of him. Rose, Anastasia, Drizella, and Violet comforts Ella. The maids and servers also comforts Ella as well. Rose now cares for Her daughters and Ella. She now works for Violet so she can attempt to do something for herself and her family. 

Years later Ella is at once a beautiful young woman. She teaches her stepsisters lots of things and they’d still love her deeply. On an outing Ella saw a handsome prince. The prince ran to her and started talking to each other. The prince invited Ella and her household to the royal ball. They subsequently went over to Violet’s, so they can pick out a dress.

On the nighttime of the ball Ella, the twins, and Rose were all dressed up for the ball. As they endured to the ball the prince wants, Ella to dance with him and all eyes are on them. The prince has two younger brothers and they dance with Anastasia and Drizella. Rose looked on her daughters and stepdaughter danced with three princes. The ball was a splendid night and even better Ella, Anastasia, and Drizella each had a prince. 

Years later Ella got married. In the next years, Anastasia and Drizella get married. All three of them are at once a princess. Ella never has a more honest life than ever. An ever after story has carried through.


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