Lilly of the Valley 

[This is an aspiration from a poem “Lilly of the Valley”. The poem is from the book “Tears for Water: Songbook of Poems & Lyrics” by Singer and Songwriter Alicia Keys. The poems that she wrote are amazing. There are lyrics from two albums. The poem “Lilly of the Valley” is one of my favorite poems from the book. It really touched me.]

Lilly is special from the privileged. She has to be strong for herself. She’s beautiful, special, and no one going to stop her from being who she’s actually been. She’s just like anybody else. She couldn’t hold back her secret that she’s hiding for long. Someday she might confess her secret.

Lilly felt like a flower blooming in the garden. The winds are her spirits, letting herself follow it wherever it leads. Sourcing her soul through places. Never give up something for nothing. Lilly was the valley of life. Letting herself blossoms her way round.

With a twist of fortune. Calling for the evils away from her. The petals will not crushed out from her. Lilly wanted to set free from herself. Putting a shining light from the clouds over her. Letting her set loose like a butterfly. She sets away from full. Lilly finds peace for herself.

Lilly was a stripper. She has to raise money to affirm herself. She doesn’t wish to work as a stripper. Nobody known that Lilly is a stripper. Hopefully she can deliver a better suitable job later on. 

Lilly also makes additional money by being a representative for Avon. She puts up enough money for her final semester at a beauty school. She wanted to be a makeup artist. When she obtains a job as a makeup artist, she’ll quit stripping for good, but still is an Avon representative. 

In her spare time she enjoys planting by placing some flowers in small pots. She places them by the window in her small apartment. She also does some yoga and meditation. When she meditates, she thinks about being in a valley filled with flowers and setting free. She always called herself “Lilly of the Valley”. 


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