Beautiful & Strong 

[Inspires by scenes from one of my favorite books. I attain it into my own writing.]

A beautiful, strong young woman experienced some ups and downs in the past. She knows that she wants to do something for herself. She desires to succeed in life. There’s a strong ability in her that makes her desires to overcome herself. No one is going to stop her for things that she desires to accomplish in life.

She delivers a rough past. Her father left her when she was three-years-old. All it’s left are pictures of her father and good memories. Close to those good memories she was a daddy’s girl. She loves her father and miss him a bunch. Afterwards her father had left her all the memories of her father had faded away. At eighteen-years-old, she found out that her father has passed away.

Shortly after finding that her father had passed away, she was going into a deep depression. Every once in a while she drinks constantly and was binge eating causing her to lose a bunch of weight. It was getting on for eleven months. Her family and friends staged an intervention. She then agreed to go look for help. She proceeded to a treatment center that’s located a few hours from home.

After sixty days in a treatment center she spent three months at sober living so she can recover her life. After three months of sober living she’s finally able to move home and live a better life. She sees more about herself, especially coping with things like the struggles of her father’s death, depression, alcohol, and eating disorder. She also finds out more about coping skills and other things from treatment and sober living. She learned those things along the way.

As years go by she’s doing a lot more dependable. She sustains a passion to succeed. She inspires others to do the same. Standing up for herself is the best thing for her. She loves it that way.


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