Childhood Memories: Books

These are my favorite books in my childhood (well since my preteen years). They’re all books series. Some I wished to be a component of it. Some of the books really helped me a swell deal. Some of the books were turned into movies and TV appearances. They’re all really good. Here are my favorite childhood books:

1. “The Baby-Sitters Club”

At ten through twelve years old I enjoyed reading “The Baby-Sitters Club” serial publication. I always checked them out at the school library. It’s amazing how a group of girls started a club and having good minds on it. There’s so many things that’s related to actual life. There’s also characters from the book who learned so many matters, including related to babysitting. 

2. “California Diaries”

“California Diaries” has a diary format of five different characters. It’s involved two tough issues related to real life like drugs, eating disorders, abuse, etc. I like that it’s a diary format. I checked the books out from the library during middle school. The book has different moments among each characters point of thought.

3. American Girl

I like to read the “American Girl” historical book series. It goes back in time on each female child. It holds so many cultures and tells the story about their lives. My favorite characters that I like to read a lot are Josefina who’s living in New Mexico with a Hispanic culture, and Addy who escapes slavery to start a fresh life. 

There’s a book from the American Girl Library called “The Care and Keeping of You”. It’s a book about puberty and growing up. 

4. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Since I was twelve years old I enjoy reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books over and over once more. I still enjoyed reading it. It delivers short stories and poems that are good, sad, amazing, and shocking. It’s all genuine. 


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