My Opinion on Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app has been released since July 6 and there’s the skillful and the bad about it. It’s been a week since the app has been released, the app has plenty of things beneficial and bad about it. The app is instantly the most downloaded app in July. I don’t have the app, but I’ve discovered so many things about Pokemon Go. I more often than not hear so many bad things about it, even worse.

The beneficial thing about Pokemon Go is that it can improve people with mental health. Most users said that they can go outside a lot. It’s also beneficial for their exercise by walking. Two females saved a dog while walking around using Pokemon Go.

Restaurants, especially in New York City are really engaged with customers using Pokemon Go. They also attain more money into their business. There are some tough things about using the app in restaurants.

One of the embarrassing things about Pokemon Go is when a news anchor interrupts a live weather report by using the app.

There’s so many things that are bad about Pokemon Go. There’s so many accidents, including users being hit by a car while using the app. People need to look both ways, particularly using their phones.

The 9/11 Memorial in New York City has banned users to play Pokemon Go. The memorial is for the memory on 9/11, including the victims, heroes, and everything else. It’s not something to play around with. Show some respect to that.

A young lady finds a dead body while using the app. It’s pretty scary to realize that. It’s more beneficial to look at surrounding before playing the game. There could be things that no one want to see or observe other people’s property. There’s users going to other people’s yard using the app.

The app has hacked accounts, including Google. There’s a ways to remove Pokemon Go from accounts.

There’s rumors about the app. One example is that the price might move up. Another one is that the app could be a death sentence. The app does affect the regime due to safety problems.

I found out plenty of things about Pokemon Go. Due to to fact that there’s so many bad things about the app I not getting to get that app. The app can be good for somebody or it can be tough for somebody.  


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