Through The Puppet Strings 

She’s connected to those puppet strings. The puppet strings help she moves round. She’s merely a doll with puppet strings that was attached to her as long as she’s remembers. Her movement is like being paralyzed her whole life. The only way that can help her move around are puppet strings.

Her conformation and beauty is flawless. Her style is extraordinary! Her looks stands out. It’s more serious if she’s doesn’t have puppet strings attached to her. She wished she wants to let go of the puppet strings and move just about herself.

She loves dancing. Dancing takes her mind off from the negative thoughts that she’s having with the puppet strings attach. She also dreamed about dancing without the puppet strings.

Then one day she closes her eyes and commenced to dance for a long period of time. She extended to her heel and noticed something. A puppet string was supposedly to be tied to her heel and it wasn’t there. She spread out her eyes and noticed that the puppet strings aren’t attached to her. She was a few feet away from the puppet strings. The puppet strings are all laying on the base. 

She smiles with delight. She’s free from the puppet strings. She can be happier than ever without it. She’s no longer the doll who’s attached to the puppet strings. 


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