Shadows of Life

Through the beautiful shadows in a beautiful valley a young woman receives a soul upon her. She walks freely being just a free-spirited soul. While walking through the valley she sees an eagle coming close to her. She called the eagle Raven. She raises her arm towards Raven. Raven sets his feet along her hand. Through the eye contact with each other they knew that they’re going to share a bond against each other.

She lets Raven fly besides her while walking across the vale. She began to talk to Raven. Raven understands her while she was speaking to him, letting her beautiful voice speaks through the word of God. They used that bonding among their body language and the use of her voice. Their sense of bonding has a potential soul.

As the rain starts pelting down, the rain didn’t bother them. Soon after the rainbow came out. They both look at the rainbow as a semblance of beauty. She told Raven all about the rainbow. She also told him that she thinks that the rainbow holds a pot of gold so she can run towards the end of the rainbow. They love looking at the rainbow.

The rain slowly stops and the sun coming out she danced like a spiritual soul. Raven flies around her as she dances. As the sunset became the night sky, it was time for them to depart. She tells Raven goodbye and they hoped that they can see each other once more. 


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