Six of my Favorite Beauty Vloggers

I put down half a dozen of my favorite beauty vloggers. I like to view them all on YouTube a lot. They’d do other things on their videos like setups, fashion, and catches. They’d inspire everyone, including me. Here are the six beauty vloggers:

1. Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy had shared so many affairs, including make-up, DIY, and sharing her style. I read her book “The Sweet Life”. The book was truly an inspiration. Her name is really unique. She comes a long path to live out her dreams.

2. Belinda Selene 

Belinda Selene has a passion for style, fashion, beauty, DIY, and anything that’s girly. Her personality is like that and I can assure it through her videos. One of my favorite videos is setting up planners, including one that’s affordable. She’s even having her own fashion line on “Mark It”.

3. Michelle Phan 

Michelle Phan has her own unique way into make-up. She’s truly a pro. She did make-up tutorials and so many different things like Vampires, Princess, Lady Gaga, and Barbie.

4. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is into fashion, beauty, comedy, travel, cooking, and more. She takes it into an inspiration to others. Her personality is like being in high school all over once more. She appears like she can be everyone’s BFF. She’s funny, sweet, and everything else. 

5. Miss Veronyka 

Miss Vernoyka has the glamorous life on a budget. She’s a style haul partner. Her videos including tips, iPhone, iPad, planner, bible study, and lots of other things. I generally like to look through iPhone and iPad series on her page. 

6. Charmaine Dulak

Charmaine Dulak shares her passion of beauty, fashion, travel, design, and a healthy lifestyle. She gives confidence to others by her videos. Her personality is true trust.


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