#GirlBoss Review

  The book "#GirlBoss" was published in 2014. It was written by Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of "Nasty Gal". The book is about Sophia's life and how she started "Nasty Gal", and also about obtaining a dream and a suitable career path. This book is extremely recommended to women everywhere. It's really helpful. … Continue reading #GirlBoss Review


An Affirmation Love 

  An affirmation has a potent meaning of message to yourself. It leads you to feel like a much positive persons. You can read that message anywhere you go. Getting it into a true meaning of a powered thought. When you use affirmations you think of it as writing a letter to yourself or saying… Continue reading An Affirmation Love 

For the Love of Coloring

  Coloring has now turned into a relaxing therapy for all ages. It brings out the best in everything. Taking these bad emotions and other negative things aside. Coloring is fun and great for creativity. The many different arts and textures from coloring books makes it so unique and perfect to color in. There's no… Continue reading For the Love of Coloring

Fall Into Autumn

  Fall into  An enthralling world of  Leaves and  Love. Fall  Into a  Nature of a  True  Opening view. Autumn is just a perfect  Unique view  To a beauty  Upon a  Memory of  Nature. Fall through  A pure view of  Love and  Life  In a nature of  Trees coming  Out in a  Unique figure. Taking… Continue reading Fall Into Autumn

For the Love of Autumn

  Autumn has the beauty to look upon a picture perfect scene. Viewing the leaves falling off the trees, leaving the trees naked and still beautiful. The leaves are changing into beautiful fall colors. Breeze feeling like a mortal. Autumn can the world go bright with those lovely colors. The colors of Autumn make everything… Continue reading For the Love of Autumn