She’ll Never Forget That True Friend (Inspire by a We Heart It collection)

[This is a short fictional story inspire by a accumulation from the app We Heart It. Here’s the connection to that collection: ]

She has that true friend that was perpetually on her side. They’d been friends for a long time. It feels like they were conjoined by the hip. They are inseparable and share everything together. And so one day her friend’s tragedy lost her life. Everything changes around her. She feels like she lost a piece of her life.

Every day she lay by her friend’s gravesite talking about the good memories they’d experience. Sometimes her cry her eyes away. She wants to beg her to come back and there’s nothing to execute about it. As she leaves the gravesite she feels the wind. It felt like her friend is trying to say something to her.

Days pass by and she tried to move on. She remembers about her friend. There’s good memories that she calls up like how they play a lot, telling secrets and sleepovers. On some days she felt like that memory faded out.

When she reached her arms out she thinks her friend tried to reach her arms out to her to meet her hand. When she smiles she feels like that she smiles back at her. When she goes for a walk, she imagines that she’s walking by her side. Everywhere she goes, she thinks her friend is always by her position.

Moving forward is the best thing she can manage. She won’t have to feel that grieving lost, but nonetheless want to remember that the good memories she and her friend ever had.

She’ll never forget that true friend.


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