Amazing People: Reshma Qureshi


Reshma Qureshi inspires everyone through her inner beauty. She embraces her scars. This didn’t stop her from being a beauty blogger and hitting the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. She’d steal the show! It was a life-changing event because whether or not you even have scars or anything else you’ll still beautiful inside and out.

On May 2014 at the age of seventeen Reshma’s life changed dramatically. While walking to school in the northern Indian city of Allahabad Reshma’s estranged brother-in-law and two other men had got her down and poured acid on her face. It leaves her face burning, covered in scar tissue and one eye completely obscured. Her attackers were never put in jail. She has to go through a series of surgeries to fix her face.

Reshma met with a founder of a program called “Make Love Not Scars” and it lets her embrace her scars. She later makes a video on beauty tips. It established her a success with over millions of viewers. 


On the 2016 New York Fashion Week Reshma was able to embrace herself by running into the catwalk. She inspires the nation, including other acid attack survivors. It made Reshma a much more dependable person and a true inspiration. 


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