Quiet In Peace 

She feels peacefully beyond silence. Silence is what make her feel at peace. She only does that for a little while so that she can have some time for herself. She finds a place to sit or lie down and relax in peace and silence. During that moment she’ll have either written, meditates, or daydreaming. She’ll say to herself that she cares that the whole universe can find that peace and quiet or that there can be a country where you just meditate twenty-four seven.

She enjoys sitting or lying down in her bedroom. She turned over her bedroom all white. The reason for that is because she conceives of it as being in the clouds or heaven. When she thinks about the clouds she would lay on her pillow and think about how the clouds can look so fluffy and gentle. She thinks of heaven like walking through the clouds and into a shiny yellow light moving to that peaceful place. She stated to herself that her bedroom is a resemblance of both the clouds and heaven.

She uses soothing rocks whenever she needed, including when she wants to write or meditate. The soothing rocks has words and meaning in them. She sets them on a plate and put it on the table so that she can see it. The soothing rocks are a resemblance of being peace and quiet in situations. They’re genuinely good for her to meditate.

When she look out the window she see the ocean waves. She loves looking out the window to seen the ocean waves. She thinks of it as moving on to a whole new journey of spirit. She also like looking at the ocean waves when the sun goes down. It’s very relaxing for her to see it. It’s like a picture perfect scene. She thinks of it as being a mermaid after being under the sea for so long and experiencing it for the very first time.

Everything in her life and surroundings can make her feel peace and serenity. It’s a moment for her to just relax for a short while.


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