My Favorite Childhood TV Show: Rugrats 

I love watching Rugrats on TV as a child. It’s amazing about the world in each of the toddler’s point of perspective and their adventures. The show was on for thirteen years, started in 1991 and ended in 2004 with two sequels, three feature films, a series of books, games, toys, and tons of other things while the show was on. As of today I still watched it including the holiday episodes on my iPad. They have them on iTunes and Goggle play.

The principal characters are Tommy, who’s the leader and the bravest, Chuckie who’s afraid and Tommy was on his side, the twins Phil and Lil who eats worms, bugs, and likes mud, Angelica, who is Tommy and Dil’s cousin who’s older and bossy, Dil who’s Tommy’s little brother and doesn’t walk or talk yet, but unless he does talk a little bit and communicates with the other children, Susie who’s the same age as Angelica and a nicer person, and Kimi who’s Chuckie’s step-sister and is like Tommy. There’s also other qualities like their parents, relatives, pets, toys like Reptar, Cynthia (who’s a parody of Barbie), and minor qualities.

All the episodes are good and I love them wholly. There’s some holiday episodes that are actually interesting to watch like Passover, Chanukah, Kwanza, and other holiday shows. On the episode “Mothers Day” it was really touching including when Chuckie wanted to know about his mother. After his father shows him a picture of his mother and her things he realized that he has a mother. The poem that his mother wrote is fairly touching and sad. On the episodes “Passover” and “Chaunkah” is a learning experience about how the Jews observe these two holidays. “Kwanza” is also a learning experience as well.

On that point are some episodes that teach characters things like for an example, on the episode “The Word of the Day” Angelica overheard Miss Carol, who’s the host of a children’s show say a phrase with a bad word. She didn’t recognize that it was a joke, but thinks that is the right phrase and say it a few times. It’s a great ways to learn about not to say bad words, even if you heard other people said it. There’s some other episodes where the babies think it was something else but at the end they know it like on the episode “Planting Dil” when they remember that Tommy and Dil’s mom Didi and Grandpa were planting lots of Dils. They later find out there’s another type of Dil.

There’s three feature films. In 1998 there was “The Rugrats Movie” where Dil’s first appearance was on and so does the Reptar wagon which came later along in the series. In 2001 there were “Rugrats in Paris” where the gang took the trip to Paris. Chuckie got a step-mother Kira and a step-sister Kimi. It was Kimi and Kira’s first appearance. Also, Spike Tommy and Dil’s dog fall in love with a dog named Fifi. In 2003 there was “Rugrats Go Wild” where there’s a crossover of a family from “The Wild Thronberrys”.

There’s two sequels. One is named “All Grown Up” which ran from 2003-2008. It’s a show about the toddlers growing up and being in middle school and doing typical things like teenagers do. The serial publication was from an episode from Rugrats “All Growed Up”. Another one is called “Rugrats Preschool Daze” where Angelica and Susie gets to pre-school. The show only runs for four episodes.

The series has been nominated and winning awards throughout these thirteen years. I believed there’s going to be a reboot of Rugrats. If they do, I can’t wait to watch it.


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