For the Love of Autumn


Autumn has the beauty to look upon a picture perfect scene. Viewing the leaves falling off the trees, leaving the trees naked and still beautiful. The leaves are changing into beautiful fall colors. Breeze feeling like a mortal. Autumn can the world go bright with those lovely colors. The colors of Autumn make everything unique. Looking at Autumn is like catching a picture from a magazine. Seeing it is believing it. Autumn can make you feel like love.

The pumpkins have to rise up early. The scarecrows have shown up to a footstep, waiting until that day when they’d really expressed their true colors. The high temperature has just turned down a little, but it’s still warm on some days. Sweet Potatoes are just sweet to consume and so does pumpkin pies. Decorated with marshmallows on top it can be a fresh treat for Autumn. 

The leaves were piled along the ground, ready for kids to play with. Ready for adults to pitch and stuff them. Leaves are the main figure of Autumn. Their colors are vibrant and they are just beautiful. A person can save them and place it in a scrapbook. 

The love of Autumn has been merely a precious soul. Precious enough for a memory of lifetime. Brining the nature of a better lifespan. This season will never be the same. Autumn feels like peace through a perfect scene. 


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