For the Love of Coloring


Coloring has now turned into a relaxing therapy for all ages. It brings out the best in everything. Taking these bad emotions and other negative things aside. Coloring is fun and great for creativity. The many different arts and textures from coloring books makes it so unique and perfect to color in. There’s no right or incorrect way to color. You can use whatever color you want. Coloring is peace to the mind making it calmer and soothing so it can loosen and enjoy that creativity. Coloring brings creativity to the adjacent level.

I first learned about coloring books for adults about a yr ago. It makes me want to get a coloring book. Before I bought a coloring book I use some coloring book apps (I still utilize them as well as plenty of coloring books). All the way until now I possess plenty of coloring books to use. Along with them are twistable coloring pencils. I like to use the twistable coloring pencils for coloring is because that I don’t bear to worry about having to sharpen them. Whenever I sharpened colored pencils it keeps getting smaller and smaller. 

I cut out some of the pages in the coloring book and spot them in my journal as decorations or as journal entries. One of the coloring book has entries about coloring. I use them for journaling. It’s truly amazing to do that. Some of my favorite coloring books are mandalas, flowers, and home inspired. The mandalas are amazing in color. There’s so many different forms and sizes. The flowers are the same as well. The home inspired coloring books are my most favorite coloring books of all. Whenever I color each and every page I felt like that I’m an interior designer setting up colors for a room. 

Every coloring book apps that I have been relaxing, especially when I’m bored or getting in a bad mood. I explained to some people that I know and my relatives about using a coloring book. They all like it and they stated to me that it’s very relaxing for them. 

Happy Coloring for Relaxation! 





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