Composing from the Quote: Sylvia Plath 

[Sylvia Plath is a writer who published many of her poems and compositions. After she took her life in her thirties, her journals were issued. Her writings and journal entries are still popular today. She has some struggles, including mental illness. Her opinions in her journal are mainly the ups and downs, mixed emotions, and… Continue reading Composing from the Quote: Sylvia Plath 


Speechless Review 

Speechless is one of my favorite TV shows that have aired in the fall of 2016. This show is unique and show each characters personality. It's a genuine inspiration for parents, family members, and caregivers of a person with a disability. The show is one of the top ranks of fall's new TV shows. It's… Continue reading Speechless Review 

The Soul of Sleeping Beauty

[Inspired by a "We Heart It collection: ] She owns a soul of beauty in her sleep. She sleeps peacefully through a relaxing feature. She has a soul of peace in her sleep. A beautiful dream has emerged while she's fast asleep. Her aspiration is more peaceful like it's real life. She brings that… Continue reading The Soul of Sleeping Beauty

Amazing People: Lizzie Velasquez 

  Lizzie Velasquez is a motivational speaker, anti-bullying activist, and author. She was born with a rare congenital disease that prevents her from weight gain. She also was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. She's blind in her right eye and is vision impaired in her left eye. Her story came from 2006 on YouTube when she… Continue reading Amazing People: Lizzie Velasquez 

My Positive Affirmations #1

Today I'm ramping up my strength to continue strong for myself. Today I will live that perfect life. My true figure has a positive side. My positive side has a strong meaning. I carry that strong meaning along the way. Today I'll hold my thoughts into a positive side. Taking out all the negativity and… Continue reading My Positive Affirmations #1

Through the Mind of Fashion Sketches 

  Fashion sketches have a symbol to a visualize feature. Think what a perfect style will look like after it was made. Bringing it to life and display it to the world. Everyone can discover that perfect style. A person will desire it. These fashion sketches can be brought out into the streets. Bringing so… Continue reading Through the Mind of Fashion Sketches