30 Things That Can Relieve Everything (stress, anger, etc.)

1. Read

2. Journal

3. Listening to music

4. Meditate

5. Take a warm bath

6. Drink hot tea

7. Coloring

8. Cuddle with a pet, pillow, or a teddy bear

9. Go for a walk

10. Take deep breaths

11. Close your eyes and count to ten

12. Do yoga or exercise 

13. Sing

14. Dance

15. Talk to someone

16. Doodle

17. Do a collage

18. Go to places like the park, library, etc.

19. Learn new things

20. Make something

21. Take a nap

22. Create a happy box

23. Light a scented candle

24. Smell and/or taste a peppermint 

25. Look at relaxing videos online

26. Look at pictures 

27. Planting

28. Puzzles 

29. Write things down (lists, to-do, etc.)

30. Smell scented items


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