The Soul of Sleeping Beauty

[Inspired by a “We Heart It collection: ]

She owns a soul of beauty in her sleep. She sleeps peacefully through a relaxing feature. She has a soul of peace in her sleep. A beautiful dream has emerged while she’s fast asleep. Her aspiration is more peaceful like it’s real life.

She brings that soul of beauty from her family. Her family owns their soul of beauty. Her three godmothers each gave her a gift for everything that she requires for the rest of her life. There’s also a natural endowment for her soul of beauty. These gifts are a guide to her journey of spirit.


She grew up being raised by her three godmothers in an undisclosed house outside the woods, far away so no one will knows. Due to an evil woman stalking the young soul of beauty, her parents let the three godmothers take her far away. The three godmothers will not utilize their powers. They can do everything without the utilization of their powers. The powers will alerts and someone will know. The young women knew her three godmothers as her aunts.

The most memorable components of her life are her dreams. As she’s sleeps peacefully she has a peaceful dream. The dream is so astonishing that she wants to be a part of that life. She walks about the forest or lay on the ground closing her eyes and feel the outdoors, she thinks about that dream she has. She loves being in the forest on a lovely day. She felt like her soul has taken place like being in an enchanted spot.


In her dreams she walks towards the end of the forest and into a lovely dwelling. The place looks like a castle, but more like a home. Inside there’s a couple. They’d smiles at her. She smiled back at them. In some other dream she met a handsome young men. He come to her an kiss her hand. 

While walking in the forest singing a tune she heard a male singing along with her. She looks round and saw a young man walking towards her. He look like a guy from her dream. She appears like she knows him. He talk to her for a little bit and kiss her hand. She quickly runs off from him and all the way home.

Later on after having that same peaceful dreams she told her godmothers all about it. She conceived that the couple in her dreams are actually her real parents. She desired to know about her parents. The three godmothers explained everything to her. They’d desired to take her to meet her parents but have to watch their surroundings all the way.



They walked toward a home that looks like the young women sees in her dreams. She then met a couple who’s looks exactly like her dreams. She feels like her life is exactly like her dreams. The couple are actually her parents. They’d last saw her when she was a infant.

After that long welcome she walks around which is now her home. An evil woman discovered that the young woman is back and she wants to do something bad to her. The evil woman disguise herself so she can place something in a room without nobody notice.


The young woman passed into a room and noticed a spinning wheel. The spinning wheel hypnotized her into walking towards it. It made her touch the spinning wheel causing her to sleep eternally.


The three godmothers noticed the young woman laying on the basis. They found that the evil woman had done something to her. They’d set her on a bed with flowers surrounding around the bed. After they left the room a young men got into the room and noticed the young woman from the forest. She sleeps peacefully. Then the evil woman came towards him causing an one by one battle. They fight each other and then the evil woman was defeated and then locked away for good.

The young men walk toward the young sleeping woman. He kissed her. A few moments later she woke up. They both glared at each other and fell in love. The young woman who experiences a soul of beauty is now has that perfect life just like her dream.  


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