Speechless Review 

Speechless is one of my favorite TV shows that have aired in the fall of 2016. This show is unique and show each characters personality. It’s a genuine inspiration for parents, family members, and caregivers of a person with a disability. The show is one of the top ranks of fall’s new TV shows. It’s a comedy with actual life situations.

The characters on the show has their own singular personality, including attitude, sense of humor, and doesn’t care what other people think. Maya is a mother who’s take-charge and has that barred attitude. She’s the type of mother who will execute anything for a child living with a disability. Jimmy, who’s a father who’s doesn’t care what other people think like the family’s home for an example. Dylan who’s an athletic daughter with a no-nonsense attitude. Ray, who’s a “smart” son that has the “brains” of the family. JJ is a sensation of humor son living with cerebral palsy. He doesn’t speak, simply has an aide to speak for him and helping him out. Kenneth who’s JJ’s aide and teach JJ lots of affairs.

The family moved often so they attempt to obtain a good education environment for JJ. In my view they are the family who’s never quit trying. They desire that a school will be suitable for JJ.

In the school that they enrolled in JJ seems popular and has a voice. Dylan likes the athletic program and on the pilot episode she criticized some of the track players. Ray didn’t like the move first, but he met a girl. Maya was disapprove that JJ has to use the ramp in the rear of the school and wants the school to build a ramp in the front of the school. Jimmy is like the “I don’t care” sort of guy.

Speechless is amazing and an inspiration to all. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the season. I hope they will be renewed for a second season. This show should be nominated or win awards, including an Emmys.


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